Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The View Trapped In Low Earth Orbit

In 1972, astronauts walked on the moon for the last time. Since
then, the Space Shuttle Program and the Space Station program, in its
various incarnations that would eventually materialize into the
International Space Station, have drained manned spaceflight, keeping
it trapped in low earth orbit. Hopefully, with the Shuttle
nearing the end of its life and the new Moon-Mars initiative, manned
spaceflight will soon join our wonderfully successful unmanned
planetary exploration program. While scientifically not very
productive, the ISS astronauts have gotten some nice photographs,
including many showing the moon, a bittersweet reminder of the heights
our space program once reached. Here are some of the best images.

One can only hope that soon the manned spaceflight program is back at the moon and looking at earth in this fashion!

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