Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Ganymede Mosaics

Below I have posted some global mosaics of Ganymede, the solar system's largest moon.  In some cases, missing data is filled in by lower resolution images or by reprojecting other images to fill the gaps. On the second and third Galileo images, the color is derived from other datasets. The color variations between images are due to the fact that they are made using differing color filter combinations..

Voyager 1

Voyager 2

Voyager 2

Processed images Copyright Ted Stryk, Raw Data Courtesy NASA/JPL


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to share these amazing images.
I'm awe struck by the detail.

Sriram said...

Another splendidly beautiful moon!!brilliant job..

bruno.thiery said...

Your processing of Voyager images is awesome! You are uncovering incredible treasures and I am wondering why these beauties have been left unexploited so long.
You deserve publication, and I hope I will see your images in a book some day.