Monday, March 07, 2011

Wanted: In Digital Format...and my 2011 LPSC poster presentation...

I am posting this in hopes that someone will see it and know where I might find the dataset I am looking for.   The image of Titan seen here is image G14.   It is the best of a sequence that included G15 and G16 (for each number, there are two images, a red channel image and a blue channel image).  If any of you have or know where I could find these (or any other Pioneer images) images in their native digital format (probably in the form of a printed out matrix), please let me know.
 While I'm at it, here is how the image looks with both channels separated and without any processing.  Again, what I am looking for is the digital data, not a better source to scan.
While I'm on the subject of Pioneer 10 and 11, here is the abstract I submitted for the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (which I will be attending this week).  It was written before my visit to Ames Research Center in January.  I did find some better material to scan and some fragments, but I did not find the digital data I had hoped to.  The most useful projects will likely be a high resolution mosaic using the closeup data from Pioneer 11 as it passed over Jupiter's North Pole and a sequence (perhaps to be made into a movie) of Jupiter rotating from above the North Pole as Pioneer 11 receded. Here is the poster I am presenting, which is a combination of older work and very preliminary processing.  

Each image is designated by a letter.  Here is a guide to the images based on those letters:

A.  Pioneer  11 image C5 (Jupiter) Scans
B.   Pioneer  11 image C7 (Jupiter) Scans
C.   Pioneer  11 images C1 and C2 (Jupiter) Scans
D.  Pioneer  11 images D1 and C2 (Jupiter) Scans
E.   Pioneer  11 image D16 (Jupiter) Scans
F.    Pioneer  11 image D19 (Jupiter) Scans
G.  Pioneer  11 image D7  (Io)  Digital.
H.  Pioneer  10 image A24 (Ganymede) Digital
I.      Pioneer  11 image D3 (Jupiter) Scans
J.     Pioneer  11 image F7 (Mimas transiting Saturn) Scans
K.   Pioneer  11 image F12 (Saturnian Rings) Digital
L.    Pioneer 10 image B38 (Jupiter with “Little Red Spot”) Scans
M.     Pioneer 10 image B39 (Jupiter with “Little Red Spot”) Scans
N. Pioneer 11 mosaic using data from images F33, F19, and F12-F5 (Saturn) Mix of digital data and scans.
O. Pioneer 10 image A2 (Jupiter – Great Red Spot) Scan

This is only the tip of the iceberg...

Scanned material and raw data courtesy NASA/Ames Research Center.  Processed images Copyright Ted Stryk.


Edward said...

Try asking in the forums.

Ted Stryk said...

I have tried, the NSSDC, Ames, and contacting people involved with the far little luck (everyone has been very helpful, but no one has what I am looking for or knows where to find it). Thanks anyway!

Johnny Vector said...

Maybe the USGS in Flagstaff. They had a roomful of 9 track tapes from various missions when I was there as a summer student in 1980 and 81. They were processing Voyager images, but there were a lot of tapes from older missions.

Ted Stryk said...

Thanks...I hadn't thought of checking there, since Pioneer images weren't of good enough quality to be used in maps of the moons. But you never know...