Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Triton Images

Below I have posted the closest images from the Voyager flyby.  The first image shows where they are located on the disk. Please excuse the "halo" around the top of the image - by mistake I used a very early version of the crescent image to chart out where the images were located. The images range from about 700 to about 450 km/pixel, although in many cases the smearing due low light levels and spacecraft motion significantly limits what can be seen. 

I will finish with a close-up shot from the outbound leg of Voyager's Triton encounter.  While this set is of much poorer quality than the set above, it provides a glipse at a new region of a largely unexplored world.
It will receive a dedicated post of its own.

Processed images Copyright Ted Stryk, Raw Data Courtesy NASA/JPL

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